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This module allows you to turn some products into events and display the schedule of events in the form of a calendar on any OpenCart 3 page. A new "Event" tab is added to the product editing form, where you can set event parameters, such as start and end dates, time, venue, short description, sticker. As a result, on the site you can get a very nice calendar with a schedule of all events. Also, directly from the calendar, you can go to the product-event page to buy a ticket or to view detailed information about the event.

The OpenCart Event Calendar extension solves the problem of adding a convenient view of the events that your company presents.

Features of the OpenCart Product Events Calendar module:

  • a product is an event, it has all the standard fields and the module adds its own to them: date, time, location, description, short text sticker, marker color.
  • 4 calendar design templates, different color schemes;
  • customization of the date display format;
  • collapsing sidebars on the calendar;
  • unlimited number of events for one day (a scroll appears);
  • unlimited calendar;
  • the possibility of annual repetition of some events;
  • the event can be one day or last several days in a row;
  • a link to the product is added when viewing each event (optional);
  • a title in front of the calendar (optional);
  • multilingualism;
  • field for custom styles in the module settings.

Module installation instructions:

  1. Upload the module in the admin panel in the "Extensions" : "Install".
  2. Go to the "Modifications" section and update the cache.
  3. Go to the "Dashboard" section and update the template cache.
  4. Go to the "Extensions" : "Extensions" : "Modules" and enable the module.
  5. Edit module. Enable the status of the module and adjust all its options to your needs and save the settings.
  6. The "Event" tab should be added to the product editing form, where you can specify event settings.
  7. You can display the calendar of events through the Design : Layouts section on any page of the site.
  8. Check module operation.
  9. Bingo!
v1.1 (30.08.2021) - Resolved issues with displaying multi-day events on calendar
v1.0 (12.06.2021) - Module published
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Thomas 15/04/2022

Great extension and support from the developer to ensure it works 100% as it should.

opencartbot 15/04/2022

Thanks, Thomas!

Виталий 21/09/2021

Есть поддержка латишского языка в календаре? Ну там месяцы, дни переводятся?


Да. Календарь автоматически переводится и на латышский и на литовский и на эстонский, а еще финский, шведский, норвежский, датский, немецкий, французский, испанский, польский, венгерский, чешский, словакский, словенский, сербский, итальянский, греческий и многие другие языки.

jordinho 07/09/2021

thank you friend! very good module. thanks for helping me with tips

Impreza Agency 15/08/2021

На вопросы перед покупкой отвечали быстро и понятно.
Модуль календаря решил нашу задачу на отлично. Пробовала разные варианты подобных модулей, но везде было какое-то некрасивое представление и календаря и ивентов. А этот с оранжевой темой вообще как под наш шаблон создавали. Спасибо Вам большое!


Спасибо за хороший отзыв! Удачи в Вашем бизнесе!

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