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We offer you OpenCart extensions of your own development, which will help you expand the capabilities of your business, improve the efficiency of the online store, add new features, attract new customers, and improve the convenience for existing customers.

The new online store on CMS OpenCart needs a lot of refinements and some of them can be implemented using our modules. You only need to install the necessary module, configure according to the instructions and the result will not take long. Of course, you can refine the site on your own, if you have the necessary knowledge. In fact, CMS OpenCart is a very simple system and does not require knowledge of any unique frameworks or programming languages. The entire CMS is written in the PHP programming language and is built on the MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture, ie the system is divided into three parts, which are interconnected - a data model, an output template and a control module (controller). The basis is a "model", it "communicates" with the database, receives all the necessary data and manages them. The controller receives this data and processes it for further output to the template. Finally, the output template is the presentation of information in the required form. Output templates are formed based on HTML markup using the Twig template. In previous versions of OpenCart, PHP was used in the templates. That is, for self-completion of the site, without the use of modules, it is necessary to understand the concept of MVC architecture, as well as the necessary knowledge of PHP, mySQL, HTML, Twig, JavaScript (jQuery) and CSS. But if you do not have enough knowledge - you need to either learn the above technologies of software design and development or turn to modules. OpenCart modules are ready-made software components that do not require special programming knowledge to embed, because interaction with them usually takes place through the graphical interface of the administrative panel of your site.

Our extensions for OpenCart are exclusively ocmod modules built on the modifier system used by this CMS. We do not write modules on the outdated system of vqmod modifiers, because the new ocmod system is built into CMS at the software level and allows you to install the module directly from the site admin panel, as well as at any time delete all installed files in one click. OpenCart developers are gradually implementing the Events system and, hopefully, in the future this system will be improved in the CMS and it will fully replace the modifier systems, which do not allow to make a universal module for working with any other modules and templates.

Since there are a large number of user assemblies based on OC, speaking about the compatibility of our modules with OpenCart, it is reasonable to understand that they will also be compatible with other custom releases, such as OcStore, OcShop, OcCMS, OpenCart PRO. Guaranteed compatibility with versions,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Plugins and add-ons in English with author support for search engine optimization of the site

For all our modules, we provide a guarantee and free technical support when installing and configuring add-ons on your site, as well as guarantee the solution of possible problems in the operation of our software, if it turns out that the problem occurs in our product.