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OpenCart extension that allows you to block access to your site for users from certain countries. That is, you can block the ability to use the site for customers from any country.

If your site is vulnerable to DDoS attacks from certain countries, you can quickly block access to them. Or if you see unwanted activity in your OpenCart store, such as orders from countries you do not serve, then it will also be useful to extend the ban to countries.

The module works only with the IPv4 protocol, the most common today. The IP of the visitor determines the country of his stay and is checked for blocking this country. The module works very fast, because it does not fulfill any external requests and does not process large data sets. The module has a database of IP-addresses by country in ASN format, divided into parts.

In a special field in the module settings you need to enter the two-character country code (ISO Alpha 2) for which the site will be blocked. It is also possible to register several circles of countries separated by commas.

You can set your own message on the lock screen or enable user redirection to another page or url.

Despite blocking users from certain countries, the module has the ability to allow useful bots and crawlers from these countries.

Module installation instructions:

  1. Upload the module in the admin panel in the "Extensions" : "Install".
  2. Go to the "Extensions" : "Extensions" : "Modules" and enable the module.
  3. Edit module. Enable the status of the module and adjust all its options to your needs and save the settings.
  4. Check module operation.
  5. Bingo!

v1.1 (03.04.2022) - Bugs fix
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