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Module for generating an invoice for orders on OpenCart 3 and 2.3. A PDF file is created, which will be sent to the customer's mail, and the buyer will be able to download the document in the personal account in the "Order History". The site administrator can also download and print invoices for any orders.

An invoice is a document that lists the amount of products or services ordered by the buyer, their value and total amount, the name of the seller, his details and legal address. The client who received this document can use it for cashless payment or payment through the bank.

Features of the PDF Invoice module for OpenCart 2.3 or 3.x:

  • standard form of invoice;
  • the document is formed in the Ukrainian language regardless of the language of the site;
  • entering the name, address and details of the seller, logo;
  • calculation of VAT (standard taxes or 0%, 7%, 14%, 20%);
  • all amounts in foreign currencies are converted into hryvnia;
  • output to the table of the column with the Model and / or SKU;
  • units of measurement: can be set manually or received separately for each product from one of the standard fields to choose from: model, sku, upc, ean, mpn, jan, isbn, location;
  • due date;
  • inclusion of the cost of delivery;
  • the ability to display the delivery address (if different from the payer's address);
  • stamp, name and signature of the entrepreneur or seller;
  • a field for additional information under the invoice, in small print (for example, warranty conditions or delivery information);
  • providing and sending invoices in separate geozones;
  • providing and sending invoices for individual order statuses;
  • attaching a PDF invoice to an email message to the buyer;
  • download a PDF invoice through the buyer's personal account;
  • download PDF invoices by administrator.

Module installation instructions:

  1. Upload the module in the admin panel in the "Extensions" : "Install".
  2. Download the PDF library and unzip it to the site folder /system/library/  (place "mpdf" folder from the archive there)
  3. Go to the "Modifications" section and update the cache.
  4. Go to the "Dashboard" section and update the template cache.
  5. Go to the "Extensions" : "Extensions" : "Modules" and enable the module.
  6. Edit module. Enable the status of the module and adjust all its options to your needs and save the settings.
  7. Check module operation in Sales : Orders.
  8. Bingo!

v1.0 (30.12.2021) - Added compatibility OpenCart 2.3.x.x
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Виктор 05/12/2021

Спасибо за доработку в менеджере заказов. Счет формируется очень удобно. Рекомендую модуль и разработчика.

Олексій 17/08/2021

Підтримка на висоті. Потрібно було відправлять рахунок покупцю тільки при одному способу оплати, порадили як правильно настроїти модуль.


Дякую за відгук! Звертайтеся ще.

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  • Only admin controller is encrypted
  • Extensions can be modified
  • Periodic module updates
  • Professional help from author
  • Free technical support - 1 year


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