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Extension for OpenCart, which allows you to add products to cart via url link. That is, we form a link for publishing it on any sites, and as soon as the user clicks on this link, the product will be added to the cart. To identify a product in the link, you can specify the product id or product model or SKU. You can also pass quantity to add to the cart.

This extension can be useful for selling products through external sites such as social networks, forums, satellite sites, or for forming affiliate links to sell products.

The module allows by clicking on the link to add a product to the cart along with options and in the required quantity.

Rules for the formation of external links for adding a product to the cart:

  • link with product id:
  • link with product model:
  • link with product SKU:
  • link with any product identifier from the above with the addition quantity of the product:
  • link with product options:[226]=16

Module installation instructions:

  1. Upload the module in the admin panel in the "Extensions" : "Install".
  2. Go to the "Modifications" section and update the cache.
  3. Go to "Extension" : "Extension" : "Modules", enable module "Add Product to Cart by External Link"
  4. Enter the license key, enable the module status and save. After that, the "Link Generator" tab will appear, where you can select a product, specify its quantity and select options and get a link to add an item to the cart from external sites.
  5. Bingo!
v1.1 (25.11.2021) - Options support added
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Αρίστος 28/03/2022

Δουλεύει! Είμαι πολύ ευχαριστημένος με τη δουλειά.

Евгений 05/01/2022

Модуль просто пушка дает прямые ссылки на заказ товара... работает четко без всяких...

stockersol 09/09/2021

Работает, то что надо.

Barhan 01/09/2021

It works!!!!!!!!!! Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!

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  • Periodic module updates
  • Professional help from author
  • Free technical support - 1 year


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