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Extension for blocking access to the site on CMS OpenCart for users from the aggressor country - Russia, as well as their manuals from Belarus. Russia has insidiously attacked Ukraine and is killing the Ukrainian population, torturing people, destroying cities and villages, and destroying infrastructure. Join the transformation of Russia into a rogue country, block access to your online store on OpenCart for Russians. They must find themselves in total isolation for pacifism and support for a dictatorial regime that is terrorizing central Europe in the 21st century.

This module does not load the site, does not make any external requests, does not reduce the speed of your site. The extension works with the arranged database of IP addresses in the ASN format, it is divided into small parts, by parts of the IP address. This way, your site will not process a large array of IP address data and will not load the server, country verification by IP will be performed very quickly. The module only works with IPv4, currently the most common IP protocol.

It is very easy to set up a ban on the Russian Federation on your site. You can leave messages that will be seen by users from Russia or turn on automatic redirect to any page or site.

Module installation instructions:

  1. Upload the module in the admin panel in the "Extensions" : "Install".
  2. Go to the "Extensions" : "Extensions" : "Modules" and enable the module.
  3. Edit module. Enable the status of the module and adjust all its options to your needs and save the settings.
  4. Check blocking by tool
  5. Russian warship, go fuck yourself!

v1.1 (03.04.2022) - Fix bugs
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