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  • We offer a service for setting up a multilingual site on OpenCart - adding the necessary languages, configuring SEF URL's of a multilingual site, adding language prefixes to the URL, multilingual sitemap sitemap.xml, adding separate multilingual meta tags for the main page, hreflang attributes for all pages, different logos for each languages.

    Adding a new language to OpenCart 3 is something that every online store owner on this system can face when planning to expand its user experience. For example, adding the French, German, Spanish, Portuguese language of the site if the main language of the site is English. Or adding several languages ​​at once: English, Latvian, Turkish, Ukrainian, Russian, etc.

    What is included in the service for setting up multilingualism on OpenCart 3:

    1. Installing the required language pack and adding it to the OpenCart system.
    2. Installing and configuring the SEO Pro module for the correct operation of the SEF URL and getting rid of duplicates, placing rel="canonical" and 301 redirects, removing index.php?route=common/home from the link to the main page.
    3. Save the site URL structure for the current language.
    4. Installing and configuring Multilingual add-on for SEO Pro to add language prefixes to the URL, switch the language using a regular link, correctly index the site, add rel="alternate" hreflang to the head block, allow to write the same SEO URL for different languages ​​within the same product, category , manufacturer, page.
    5. Adding multilingual meta tags (Title, Description, Keyword) for the main page.
    6. Setting up different site logos for different language versions of the site (if necessary).
    7. Setting up the correct multilingual sitemap.xml, which will be accepted by the search engines Google, Bing, Yahoo, MSN, DuckDuckGo, Petal, Baidu etc.
    8. Different date and time formats.
    9. Text orientation settings: LTR, RTL.
    10. Other services by agreement.

    After fully configuring multilingualism, users can easily change the language of the site content, and search engines will index multilingual pages without any problems.

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